Excavation Supervision (Line Crossings)

Coupling the Excavation Supervision Service with the Utility Locating Services is essential in order to ensure the integrity of underground utilities is kept while being exposed by a third-party contractor. Often times, utility companies do not have the man power or prior knowledge of the excavation in order to have personnel onsite. With highly skilled Line Finders Personnel onsite, the utility company will  know exactly where the crossing was performed and that all lines were accounted for prior to excavation. Any policies or procedures the utility company may have regarding the exposure of lines can and will be enforced during the excavation.

Direct costs of a line strike include:
   ♦   Serious injury or death
   ♦   Site repair costs, lost labor, equipment damage, fines
   ♦   Disruption of the utility service from the strike

Indirect costs of a line strike often include:
   ♦   Loss of resources, time from reporting accidents and ensuing investigation
   ♦   Increased insurance costs and/or legal fees
   ♦   Damage to a company’s reputation, lost revenues and decreased employee morale

The Excavation Supervision Service Includes:
   ♦   Relocate / remark prior to excavation
   ♦   Prior notification if electrical lines present for de-energizing (lock-out/tag-out)
   ♦   Onsite supervision of all aspects of excavation
   ♦   Coordinates of location (Crossroads, GPS, Township, Range, Section)
   ♦   Detailed pictures (pre-excavation, during excavation and post-excavation)
   ♦   Completed excavation form (signed by excavator)
   ♦   Completed sketch sheet (signed by excavator)
   ♦   Vehicle and equipment usage cost

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