Utility Locating (Underground)

Utility locating is the process of identifying and labeling underground utilities to help make excavations safer. These utilities may include lines for telephones, electricity distribution, natural gas, oil, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains and wastewater pipes.

Because of the many different types of materials that go into manufacturing each different type of utilities, we use numerous detection and location methods. For metal pipes and cables or other conductive materials, this is often done with electromagnetic equipment consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. For non-conductive types of pipe, such as poly and fiberglass, Line Finders offers a Vacuum Excavation Service to safely expose the utilities.

Location by these means is necessary because maps often lack the pinpoint precision needed to ensure proper clearance. In older areas, it is especially a problem since maps may be inaccurate, or may be missing entirely.

Our Underground Utility Locating Service Includes:

   ♦   Locate underground utilities using technological locating equipment

   ♦   Customized pin flags, marker paint, marking whiskers* or wood lathes*

   ♦   GPS Coordinates of location

   ♦   Weather-proof copy of Sketch Sheet left at location on white/black pin flag

   ♦   Line crossing notification (24-hour advanced notice if requested)

   ♦   Vehicle and equipment usage cost   

   ♦   Digital copy of Sketch Sheet, with details and pictures, provided upon invoicing

   ♦   Immediate notification of mapping or One-Call Database discrepancies

( * Available upon request for an additional fee.)  

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