For high visibility and easy identification of underground utility lines, the carsonite utility marker is the perfect choice. The marker flexes when impacted and returns to its original position and is virtually impossible to remove without proper equipment. In addition, the marker will survive multiple gunshots, being run over by a vehicle or rubbed on by livestock without significant loss of legibility or damage to structure. These permanently pigmented markers have factory applied decals that provide the most visible identification of buried utility lines, day or night.

The Carsonite Utility Marker Installation Service Includes:

Carsonite utility marker (available in a variety of colors)

♦   Printed graphic (indicating type of utility and emergency contact information)
♦   Labor (installed 12-16” deep and within line-of- site)
♦   Detailed installation report
♦   Vehicle, ATV and equipment usage cos

Utility Database/GIS Mapping