Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation

Vacuum excavation is the process of using pressurized water (hydro-vac) or compressed air (air-vac) and a vacuum source to safely loosen and remove soil/spoils. The process reduces the potential damage to the underground infrastructure while increasing the productive rate of excavation where utilities may be buried.

Vacuum Excavating Helps Avoid Line Strikes!

The underground infrastructure is becoming increasingly crowded,  underground utilities could be almost anywhere. Even isolated areas that seem remote may conceal major gas or telecommunication lines.   Many contractors decide to accept that the risk of strikes cannot be avoided, or it just costs too much.   There is a safer and more productive way to address these risks as an integral part of your safety program by including Vacuum Excavation with either Hydro Excavation or Air Excavation.

Wide Range of Applications:

  • Slot Trenching
  • Safely Expose Utilities
  • Daylight Utilities (pothole)
  • Limited Access Areas
  • Pit Cleanouts
  • Tank Cleanouts
  • Expose Multiple Lines
  • Low / Now Water Usage
  • Minimal Disruption

Utility Locating